Instant messaging has captivated the online world with it’s ease and speed. Instant messaging offers real-time text with simplicity and convenience. Allowing conversations to take place from one end of the world to another. LAN messenger is a product of instant messaging. It operates in a way that literally mirrors how instant messaging operates. LAN messaging works over a local area within an isolated network.

Privacy a big deal with LAN

LAN messaging has made it obvious to the online industry, that privacy was on the top of their list. LAN uses AES security to make sure it’s customers activities remain safe-guarded. AES encrypted algorithm system makes it difficult for eavesdroppers to tap into your business, college or family conversations.

No Internet Needed

What is truly enjoyed by millions of LAN customers is no internet connection is needed for LAN messaging. Skipping over the hassle of high internet fees and security issues is eliminated by this form of simple communication. Linking together two computers with a cable or via hub can are the first easy steps to a private conversation.

What activities can be done using LAN?

Some of the activities that can be done by using LAN are:

  • File transfers
  • Voice over IP
  • Clickable hyperlinks
  • Video chats

Chatting via LAN messaging, has caught the attention of many audiences. It is used in corporate offices among co-workers, in households among friends and family, on college campuses etc. The popularity of chatting with persons from different countries has attracted many groups who have a similar interests and hobbies. Like-minded minds from abroad and within our borders enjoy using LAN messaging, due to the ability to choose between languages. LAN gives you, the user the option of changing languages according to your needs. This is a huge plus for many individuals who lavish in building friendships with persons from peculiar cultures and different ways of life.

With LAN messenger, for example the well-reviewed Softros Lan Messenger, the user is able to save and keep a history of their messages. With this feature businesses are able to search and print message correspondence from previous dialogues. They can be important, especially during corporate transactions. The LAN messenger feature that gives the individual the ability to send out specific messages to certain people and not to others, is extremely useful. Companies are able to also, set-up their user groups according to their positions in the company or by department. So if a message needs to be sent out to all higher levels positions in the company it can take place easily. Or if the user, needs to separate one department from another in order to keep things simple, while sharing files, delivering messages or even sharing humorous smileys to lighten up the day, it can be done with very little maneuvering.

Sharing files with LAN messaging is as easy as 123. It’s just a matter of dragging and dropping a file or folder. Choose the icon of the recipient that you wish to send the file to and then drop it. It’s that simple. The entire LAN messenger communication was created in a way that ensures, privacy and ease during all activities. This is what most users thoroughly enjoy about LAN messenger.