A look at Chrome OS

//A look at Chrome OS

Chrome OS is an operating system developed by Google that is open source, being based on the Linux operating system. The operating system was inspired by the Chrome web browser, with the OS acting like one, and serving as a platform designed to connect the user with apps and data stored in the cloud. Many users spend their time on the internet, which makes this a popular OS, due to its purpose to make things faster and easier to access, with apps not needing to be stored or installed on the device itself. For a detailed outline of this OS, you should read a full chrome os review.

Chrome OS Is Lighter And Easier To Use

If most of the time when you’re at a computer is spent surfing the internet, then Chrome OS is design to meet those needs perfectly. Thing are made more easier compared to a traditional PC setup. Chromebooks are easy to set up and the operating system itself is very lightweight and doesn’t take too much effort from the device itself to make it run smoothly. Similar to traditional operating systems, Chrome OS offers regular update and it performs them automatically. In addition, Chrome OS comes with an antivirus that is built-in, and its apps don’t require any regular updating, due to the fact that they get stored in the cloud.

Not Just For Internet Access

While the OS is centered around the idea of internet access, the device itself can be used for other tasks as well and doesn’t need a constant internet connection in order to function. Plenty of applications are designed to work online as well as offline. Chromebooks act virtually like regular laptops, which means that users can perform similar tasks through offline apps as they would on a traditional device. The Chrome Web Store has an “Offline” section designed specifically for this, offering users a wide selection of applications that they can use when they don’t have an internet access.

Designed To Increase Productivity

Given the fact that its lightweight and fast, Chrome OS allows users to simply focus on the tasks they want to perform daily, without the need to spend time updating software or install heavy programs. Google bundles the operating systems with a number of apps designed to increase productivity – From Docs and Slides to Calendar and Gmail. Of course, users are free to customize their operating system as they see fit, and they can download various other applications that are suited to their needs – with the OS being compatible with software such as Adobe Photoshop.

If you’re using your device in order to access the internet or perform daily tasks – such as writing – then the transition from your current operating system to the Chrome OS will be a smooth one. The OS is easy to run and get accustomed to, taking the hassle out of having to deal with traditional computers. Chrome OS provides a refreshing alternative to regular operating systems.