How to get started on Youtube

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Do you want to start a youtuber career? No one has time to wait for success anymore, so it’s no surprise that many people resort to shortcuts. Constructing an actual video from scratch or uploading a compelling one scares you. But this is the only way to turn your channel into a professional YouTube resource with original content. Although taking action is essential, it is equally important to have the right plan and set yourself realistic goals.


  1. Multiply Your Views By Creating Playlists


Have you ever heard of “playlists”? They’re a channel’s backbone; they’re the bread and butter. A playlist is a series of related videos that youtube users can find simultaneously. They allow users to discover new content, often based on what they’ve already watched on your channel. To create playlists, search for your channel in the youtube app, then select the “Playlists” tab in the sidebar. On this screen, you will have a chance to add up to five categories of videos. If you have several videos on the same subject, add them all in one playlist. This would help you reach more people interested in the topic but would otherwise not find your videos if they viewed one.


  1. Promote Your Youtube Channel By Buying Youtube Views And Likes


Youtube analytics is an essential tool to measure the success of your channel. It is necessary if you want to attract more attention and gain more views. How do you gain more views on youtube? There are two methods: adding a big video with your name or buying different combinations of likes, pictures, comments, and shares with lenostube. Both work, but only one will bring you results fast enough. Start by choosing a method for attracting viewers, and then start promoting it to your target audience on social networks. In any case, you should make your video enjoyable. And if something else is needed, you should use a person who is more successful than you on youTube.

  1. Increase Your Views With Custom Thumbnails


The definition of success here is simple: if your video has many views, it will be possible to buy likes on youtube quickly and at a minimum cost. You can achieve this task with some simple manipulations of the custom thumbnail. You can paste your picture into the “image” field and enter a link in the area “URL,” then click on “save.”

Now, 24 hours after you have modified the thumbnail, each view you get on this video will be credited to your account.


  1. Get More Subscribers With Your Youtube Channel By Inviting Friends To Subscribe


Keep going even though you still need to get 100 subscribers. There are ways to get them (for example, buy views on youtube or write articles). But the fastest way is to ask your youtube friends to subscribe. To do this, you first need a link they can see while checking out your channel. This will be something simple and compelling such as a video. Then you need to send it to social networks; for example, if you have a group channel, invite them to subscribe by posting the link in their chats.