Making An Effective Business Card

//Making An Effective Business Card

Even though we are moving towards a paperless future, business cards remain an integral part of all marketing strategies as it helps you to not only leave a lasting impression to your prospects but also reminds them to follow you up later. Here is how you can make yours more effective in serving its purpose when ordering from a printing business cards in Vancouver service.

Consider the design

As noted, business cards are all about first impressions as well as to act as reminders. To leave a lasting first impression you cannot afford to get the design wrong. There’s a lot more that goes into the design of a card than meets the eye. For instance, it includes the shape and size it is in, the color, the material used as well as the typography. Fortunately, there are so many designs that you can choose from to make your business card stand out, especially if the realm you operate in gives room for creativity. From the traditional two by 2 inch square to the creative card which allows you to experiment with any dimension, shape or color. For instance, the creative card allows you to add impeccable finishing features such as rounded corners and unusual sizes. Nevertheless, whichever design you opt for, ensure it is a reflection of your brand and it’s also durable.

Have the right content

Your design might be top notch but what you communicate is the thin line between your prospect tossing it away or calling you back. You, therefore, need to include only the critical information on it. Note that we used the word “only,” meaning that as much as you may want to fill it up with all the services you offer by reducing the font size and cramming it up, an attractive card should only have the relevant info.

That is the name of your business, the brand, your position in it as well as how the prospect can reach you. Cramming your card only makes it an eyesore to the potential client or business partner. Furthermore, there’s no need to include all your services because before handing out a business card, you must have talked to the prospect about what you do, and the card only serves the purpose of reminding them that they can call you whenever they need your goods or services. Therefore, select an impeccable design, skip the clutter and make your card sophisticated yet straightforward.

Make it useful

Even though they are effective, most business cards often end up sitting in a wallet for days on end or in the dustbin. To make your card more effective, you can go the extra mile by making it more than a calling card to the recipient. For instance, you can create a card that doubles up as a key holder or hair clip. Even though this might be a bit pricey, it will be memorable as the prospect will be using it more regularly, and in the process, they are reminded of you and your business.