Should you use an article generator instead of writing articles for your website?

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Many webmasters or website owners often ask themselves one questions. Should they be writing their own content or should they be paying someone else to do it for them?

When they look at the cost of a good content creator, however, they often realize quickly the latter option is not a possibility for them.

Nowadays, however, another option has arisen instead. The option to use an online article generator to write articles for your site.

What is an article generator? — These are software programs operated by a variety of websites and able to create articles on any topic needed. They work and write articles quickly via an article generator API and, if you do not have the money to pay a professional content writer, they can be an excellent alternative instead.

The speed of an online article writer — A typical article generator can create a piece on any subject you need in under five minutes. These pieces are well-written, nicely researched and come with sources and citations if you want them.

They can also be requested to be as short as you like or as long as you like. This is especially important when an article of 400 words will take the same length of time to generate as one of 3,000 words.

In-depth articles — If you decided to write your own in-depth, well-researched articles for your site, it could take you many hours to just do the research.

An article generator can do that research in minutes and then create an excellent, well-written article ready for you to publish.

Do you need photographs, charts or graphs? — You may find it difficult enough to write articles for your site, but finding the right photos, charts or graphs can be even more time-consuming.

If you use an article generator, however, you can also ask it to provide photos and graphics along with the written content. You can then publish these graphics along with the article on your website.

Articles on any topic — Website owners like to use article generators as they are able to create a post about any topic.

If you own a site about gardening, a generator can create an article for that site. If your expertise is on Medieval history, it can write an article about any subject within that topic.

This means you can use a generator for every website you own and can get any number of articles you may need. Even if that means you need 10, 20 or 50 articles a day for 10 different sites.

The cost of each article is also very affordable. It becomes even more affordable on most article generator sites the more articles you purchase from them.