Simple Ways to Fix Common Surface Pro Issues

//Simple Ways to Fix Common Surface Pro Issues

The Surface Pro is a fairly powerful device, but you may occasionally encounter performance issues. Microsoft’s operating systems give owners a lot of freedom, but this also means that a lot of things can potentially go wrong with the devices. Common issues usually have simple fixes, but occasionally a technician needs to replace the existing hardware.

Sluggish Performance

If you don’t have a ton of RAM, then you may need to close any programs that are currently running. If this causes the computer to run better, then you’ll know this was the issue. Your device may also run slow if there isn’t any storage left on the hard drive. You can check the hard drive to make sure. This typically only happens if there is almost no space left on the device. You might want to run the Disk Cleanup program. This may delete temporary files and delivery optimization data.

Screen Refuses to Rotate

One feature that users like is the ability to rotate the screen, but this feature occasionally malfunctions. The issue may be with the hardware or software. You can start by ensuring the screen rotation lock is disabled in your computer’s Action Center settings. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then you may want to try restarting the device. You may need to install new updates or restore the device to factory settings. If you’re using a Surface Typing Cover, then the device will lock the display in landscape orientation.

Unresponsive Touchscreen

The touchscreen on the Surface Pro is a beloved feature, but you may occasionally experience problems with the device. Sometimes the touch screen will be slow, and in some cases the device won’t respond at all. There are a few potential solutions for these issues. You can start by cleaning the touchscreen. If part of the screen has residue on it, then the device may be unresponsive. Try restarting the device. Sometimes the interface has trouble communicating with the operating system. You might want to try to recalibrate the device. Type “calibrate” in the Windows search bar. Select the option and run the setup wizard. If none of these options work, you might need to check where to repair surface pro professionally close by.

Flickering Screen

Many users reported the screen flickering when they first purchased their Surface Pro devices. Microsoft released an update that automatically fixes the problem. Open the settings and select the Update and Security portion of the menu. Install the new updates and restart the computer.

Battery Drains too Fast

The Surface Pro is known for having battery life issues, and there are a few simple fixes for this problem. You should consider disabling Windows Hello because this application significantly drains the battery. You may also need to update the device to ensure compatibility issues aren’t causing the battery to drain faster than it should.