The Airpod is another revolutionary product from Apple. In addition to oozing crystal clear audio, it comes wireless giving the user absolute freedom to move around while listening. The product has been in high demand since its debut in 2016.

Because Airpods are small and wireless the tendency of losing this $150 accessory is very high and that is why a lot of people choose to get a case for their Airpods. We want to look at five of the most popular Airpod cases in the market. In no particular order, the top picks are listed below.

1. Twelve South AirSnap Case

This cute little innovation from Twelve South is such a beauty. It comes finished with high-quality materials for the stylish owner. The Twelve South Airsnap boasts of the following features.

  1. It is very compatible with Airpods and their wireless charging cases.
  2. Designed such that the pairing light can be easily seen so one can tell if it is charging.

iii. Luxury leather case made with the protection of the Airpods in mind.

  1. Sports an easy clip that ensures your Airpods are always attached to your key ring or backpack.
  2. Hole cut out n the underside makes charging convenient while still inside the case.

At $35 the Twelve South Airsnap case is a bargain for its quality

2. TXesign Neoprene Case Bag

This handy carry case for Airpods charging case is a fan favorite most likely because it offers so much for its price tag. It has the following features.

  1. Weighing 0.8oz it is probably the lightest carrying case in the market.
  2. Thick lycra lining protects the Airpod charging case from scratches.

iii. Velcro strap secures the airpod charging case and ensures easy access when needed.

  1. It has a D-ring for attachment

For what it is worth, the TXesign Neoprene Case Bag is a steal.

3. QStomize Leather Airpod Case

From the stable of Qstomize comes a elegant and durable custom leather airpod case. TheĀ  leather case is offered in a range of exciting colors. Below are some of its features.

  1. Stylishly designed leather case
  2. A lot of fonts to choose from
  3. Compatible for wireless charging

The Qstomize Airpod Pouch comes at a sensible price tag for the style-oriented buyers.

4. Catalyst Waterproof Airpod Case

This fun, portable, and practical Airpod carrying case is a delight to own. Made from soft silicone it is soft and smooth to handle and protects its content from dirt and scratches. Its major features are as follows.

  1. Military-grade impact protection, the Catalyst case is drop-proof from 4ft (1.2m)
  2. It can survive depths of 3.3ft (1.0m) underwater

iii. Scratch proof and stainless silicone cover

  1. Easy access to charging port

The Catalyst case is listed at around 25 dollar on Amazon, with free shipping.

5. Elago Silicone Case

Airpod charging cases slip into the Elago Silicone case in one smooth movement. Also comes in a variety of colors. The main features are listed below.

  1. Supports wireless charging
  2. Protective silicone material prevents scratch and dirt

iii. The detailed design offers easy access to all Airpod functions.