The Top 5 Benefits of Using Sleep Monitoring Apps

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On average, human beings sleep for a third of their lives, despite many not sleeping enough because they disregard the significance of sleep, especially to physical and mental health. As such, many tech companies have created numerous sleep monitoring apps, which an individual can purchase or get for free.

Sleep Time and Restlessness

Sleep detecting apps like White Noise Sleep Pillow Sound provide many benefits. For instance, using these apps will help you gain knowledge about the exact time you slept; and, if you were restless at night, they measure how restless you were. Also, some of these apps offer peaceful nature sounds and white noise to enhance dream recollection and stress-relief.

Sleep and Wake States

In various cases, sleep apps can scan whether an individual is really awake or asleep. Such apps use an individual’s heart rate and breathing measurements to offer insight into one’s wake or sleep state.

Sleeping Habits

Modern sleep tracking apps record slumber habits, which spares you the need to personally record this data. This encourages consistency in sleep tracking habits while discouraging time wastage when trying to personally write down this information. Additionally, app users do not have to sleep in a clinic and be hooked into data collecting machines. While polysomnography (the method clinics use to collect sleep data) collects very detailed information, sleep apps also have accurate metrics, which sleep specialists can use to assess sleep issues in patients.

Slumber Journal

Sleep monitoring apps keep automated sleep journals with very accurate data. It is important for you to keep a sleep diary as it helps you gather information concerning sleep problems you might have, like insomnia. But it requires commitment and dedication to keep recording essential data every day. Therefore, sleep tracking apps provide more convenient ways to create, use and maintain a sleep journal.

Smart Alarm

Many sleep detection apps have a smart alarm, which wakes you up when your sleep grows light. This is beneficial as not many people appreciate being woken up from deep sleep since it leaves them feeling grumpy and tired in the first hour.


Getting a good high quality sleep is a paramount part of your physical and mental health. While today’s world lays more emphasis on increasing working hours for more productivity, this decreases the amount of time people sleep. Insufficient sleep is a major problem today, which contributes to diseases such as depression, obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

If you experience trouble sleeping, using a sleep monitoring app will help you know the main problem and whether you need to seek medical help or just change your sleeping behaviors. There are also quite a few coupons available to lower the spend for these apps a bit. You can browse through them on sites like They offer coupons for vendors liek Go2Sleep, which offers an incredibly nifty device to monitor your sleeping patterns.