Want to grow your Spotify Plays? Check Out our Tips

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In the past, getting people to listen to your music was not easy. Once you had gone through the involving process of writing, recording and producing your music, you had to think of how to release it to the masses. Bigger artists signed to record labels had an easier time getting their music to the airwaves because they had the teams and budgets to do so. With the advent of the internet, new and upcoming artists can now directly promote their music to over 260 million active Spotify users. So how do you expand your Spotify account?


Claim and personalize your profile

Once you have claimed your profile, you need to personalize it to ensure it reflects your unique personality and music genre. You can use an engaging bio that will captivate your audience. As an artist, finding the right words to describe yourself and your music might be challenging at first. You can draft a short paragraph about yourself and send it to a few people in your network for reviews. Your family and friends can do this quickly and would be more than happy to support your journey in this way. Once that happens, post it on your profile so that your followers can get to know you better.


Identify your preferred media

You now need to select the media that you want to get plays on. This is a very critical step and should not be rushed through. To grow your following, choose one of your best songs, one that you know people would love to listen to. Another tip is to keep on adding to your playlists based on trending moods and genres. Promoting music from other artists will increase your Spotify rankings. You can also share your music on Spotify Playlist exchange which allows other people to view your music.


Share your music

As a curator, you can choose to share your music using different channels. One of them is online platforms such as Spotipromo that allows you to buy plays by advertising your music to potential audiences. With a budget as low as $8, you will instantly grow your streams, giving you a sure return on your investment. You can also share your music to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by directly sharing the link to your followers. You can also use Twitter to connect to artists who want to get their music on other curators’ playlists. Make sure to add your link as you they could just retweet and make you go viral! If you have a website, ensure that your call to action will compel visitors to follow you on Spotify.