Five reasons why a web designer can do a better job than you

Five reasons why a web designer can do a better job than you
In the digital era that we live in, your website is the secret ingredient to the success of your business. That is why you should ensure you have one that meets and exceeds the expectations of both current and first time visitors. While creating it yourself might seem like the easier option, here are five reasons why a web designer, like for example Website Design Miami, can do a better job than you.

  • A web designer boasts professional training

There is more to creating a website than meets the eye. Therefore as easy as it might seem to you, there are details that you cannot handle if you do not have professional training.
However, hiring a web designer is the best choice you can make as they are professionally trained to handle a diverse array of digital marketing tasks. From SEO, inbound marketing to social media management, a developer will manage all these aspects, creating a site that isn’t only aesthetically appealing but also one that brings you leads.

  • Vast resources

While designing a website yourself means saving a few bucks, it also means that you lack access to professional resources. Allowing a web developer to handle the job grants you access to a diverse array of resources such as add-ons, and other development kits.
As a result, you get a website that is not only visible to search engines but also one that has a sleek and sophisticated appearance, leaving lasting impressions to both current and future clients.

  • A web designer is knowledgeable about the latest trends

The digital world is incredibly dynamic. Therefore, even if you have skills in web designing, you may have missed out on some of these trends. Being in this world every day, a web designer is well versed with the existing, and also upcoming trends.
In respect to that, they will help you create a website that not only meets but also one that surpasses the expectations of your visitors. Additionally, they will incorporate trends that are likely to take over in future, ensuring that your site remains up to date with the digital world.

  • It allows you to stay one step ahead of your competition

With almost every business being online, the need to create lasting impressions through your website is higher than ever. Leaving the job to a professional developer is the only way to stay ahead of your competition.
This is because he/she will create a site that is both visually pleasing and conveys a clear message about your business to prospects, building confidence about your products and services. He/she will also create a great UX, enabling users to navigate quickly, hence giving them a reason to come back again, and even refer you to other prospects. This keeps you on top of your competition, enabling your business to thrive.

  • Offers you credibility

Most customers usually trust well-established businesses. Competing with such companies gives you credibility, as prospects tend to believe that if you’re a rival to prominent companies, then you have what it takes to deliver what they need.
Fortunately, gone are the days where the amount of money a business had determined its marketing abilities, as the internet offers leverage to all entities. Whether you’re a small or medium sized business, you now have the chance to compete with bigger businesses through the internet, as the tools used to create a quality website are similar.
Leaving the job to a skilled developer gives you the chance to compete with large companies as only a professional developer can maximize on these tools, placing you on top of search engine results, and in the same league with well-rooted firms.

Getting too many speeding fines? Radar up!

There are so many people who constantly have personal issues that they are dealing with. They tend to deal with personal issues that consumed their mind and distract them from performing their daily routine, such as cleaning, eating, showering, shopping and even driving. When you are driving on the roads, it is critical that you are giving yourself plenty of time to drive safely. You want to make sure that you are in the right mind to get on the road and be attentive. There have been many studies that show a high number of people getting into vehicle accidents because of distracted driving. Distracted driving causes a significant amount of accidents these days, more than drinking and driving. Distracted driving can be anything from talking with other passengers in the vehicle, looking out your window, reading or text messaging, using your phone or simply just not paying attention while driving. Distracted driving can also cause you to lose track of how fast you are driving. When you are not aware of how fast you are driving, you end up putting yourself at risk for receiving a speeding ticket. If you are someone who has been receiving a significant amount of speeding tickets in the past few years, you may want to take action and invested in a radar detector. Investing in a radar detector may help you control your speed limit while driving and prevent you from receiving continuous speeding tickets from law enforcement officers.

If you were someone who is fully aware that you have a problem with speeding, investing in a radar detector may be best for you. No matter how much you tell yourself that you are going to control your speed and not go over the speed limit, you may end up forgetting and driving over the speed limit on a regular basis. In fact, because many Americans work and live in a very fast-paced type of environment, they tend to forget about the speed limit. Many people drive on automatic senses when it comes to speed limits. For example, they get on the road and drive down a road on a speed that they feel as comfortable and what they are used to. You may be driving down a road that you are always used to driving down on a specific speed limit and not even realize that a new speed limit has been posted. Because a speed limit has been newly changed, you end up getting penalized for driving over the speed limit and getting a speeding ticket. Getting a radar detector will allow you to become alerted when you are driving over the speed limit. This advice will notify you every time there is an officer nearby who has their radar gun out and is tracking your current speed.

Getting a radar detector is an awesome investment for many people who have had speeding tickets in the past. If you do not have the best police radar detector, you may be putting yourself at risk for receiving more speeding tickets in the future. Many people can appreciate this device because it notifies them when they need to be notified.

There are also several people on youtube that share their experiences with radar detectors and if they are worth the money, example:

Will Bluehost improve or worsen now EIG has taken over?

If you have been considering moving your websites to Bluehost, you may have also recently heard that EIG took over Bluehost. If so, you may also have heard what a bad reputation they have and that, now they own Bluehost, that company may be a host to avoid.

Is this true, though, or is Bluehost likely to be just as good as it ever was?

What or who is Endurance International Group? — One of the drawbacks about EIG is that they are one of the world’s biggest companies when it comes to hosting. This is because they have slowly sat back, watched the market grow and then bought hosting company after hosting company. To a point nowadays they own more than 60 hosting companies with more likely being bought up by them soon.

The problems with EIG — As they own so many hosting companies, EIG often does not care if a customer is happy or not. This is because what often happens is a customer gets angry and threatens to leave EIG. The problem comes in, however, when half the companies they would be considering transferring to are owned by EIG as well.

That means there is very little incentive for EIG to offer good customer service, no matter what your problem or how long you have been with the company.

Scaling down personnel after a new acquisition — One reason why Bluehost services may worsen now EIG owns them is that they tend to buy a company, move on in and then start laying off staff. This is due to their wanting to consolidate staff with every other organization they own, as this allows them to cut costs by cutting labor.

Mass outages — Bluehost tends to be very reliable when it comes to having good uptime for the sites they host. Since they were bought up by EIG, however, they have had several large outages that have lasted half a day or more. That is half a day when your websites are not online and are, thus, losing money.

If you want to go with a hosting company that does not have mass outages, you may be better staying with the company you currently have, or looking for one that is not owned by EIG.

Will EIG improve or worsen Bluehost? — While many doomsayers are convinced EIG will be terrible for Bluehost, that does not have to be true at all.

In fact, when you look at some of the positive things people are saying about their new dealings with EIG, it may just be that the company is going out of its way to get this merger right.

Why you should order custom optics from an optical lens manufacturer

If you are tired of paying the high prices your current optics supplier is charging, or you are sick of buying lenses only to discover they do not fit your camera or microscope as precisely as they should, you may want to consider ordering custom optics from an optical lens manufacturer instead.


There are so many benefits to doing so, and the lenses you eventually get will make you much happier than any you have had before.


Fast prototypes — Many of the optical lens manufacturers allowing you to order custom optics are able to produce the prototype for your specific order very quickly. That means you can take a look at it, and be absolutely sure it is exactly what you need before you have to pay for it. If it is not, the manufacturer will change it until it is.


Fast manufacturing — Many manufacturers that specialize in custom optics also offer very fast manufacturing on the lenses you need. In some cases, they may be manufactured and shipped to you just as fast as from your previous supplier that was not custom making your lenses. Find out from any manufacturer how long a typical custom order takes before placing an order.


Absolutely precise measurements — If you have used lenses for quite a while, you are probably used to having lenses that are ‘good enough’ but not as perfect as you would like them to be.


With custom optics, however, your lenses will be absolutely precise when manufactured. To the point that they will fit your equipment better than any other lens you have ever bought.


Working with sales executives — When you custom order optics, you will usually be assigned a sales executive who will then work with you every step of your order. He will then be there to follow up with if you receive your custom optics and there is a problem with them.


You do not get this level of attention when buying generic lenses from most manufacturers. Not unless you are buying in bulk. With custom optics, however, you get a level of attention you may not have experienced before.


Buying custom optics overseas — If you are tired of the high prices you are currently being charged for the generic lenses you buy, then you also have the option of buying your custom optics overseas.


There are many good optical lens manufacturers that design and manufacture custom optics to international requirements, and that will produce custom optics that are such high quality you may be amazed. Particularly when you see you are getting them for less money than you were for the generic ones you bought off the shelf.


Look at some of the optical lens manufacturers in China and in other parts of Asia. They design and manufacture custom optics that are better than the generic lenses you have bought in the past, will be shipped to you quickly and will fit your equipment better than any lenses you have owned before.