How the best keyboard for CSGO can improve your game performance

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Having a good keyboard when playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the difference between being able to play at a high level, and losing far more than you would like.


That is why choosing the right keyboard for CSGO is very important, as a good keyboard can really help you win.


When choosing the best keyboard for CSGO, however, there are some features every keyboard you look at should have or they are not the right one for this game.


A mechanical keyboard — This type of keyboard is usually the most popular, and that is because of the switches it comes with. These switches can help you win a game, especially if the switches a keyboard has include the Cherry MX switches. Do not buy a keyboard for CSGO that does not.


A durable keyboard — If you are a serious Counter Strike: Global Offensive player, you will be using a keyboard for hundreds of hours a week. That means, over time, a keyboard that is less durable could become slower, cause stuttering in your gameplay or ever break down completely. Choose a durable keyboard that is well made and with a life cycle of at least five million hits, and you should not have a problem with any game of Counter Strike: Global Offensive that you play.


A mechanical keyboard with extra buttons — The typical Counter Strike: Global Offensive player has many different types of keybindings that they use, so having a mechanical keyboard with extra buttons is necessary. That way you will always have enough buttons for the tailored keybindings you want to use.


LED keyboards — If you prefer to play CSGO in dim light or in the dark, as it makes the screen pop more, you will need to know where your keyboard is located. That is why an LED keyboard may be the best keyboard for CSGO. If you decide to buy one of these, however, do be sure it lights up the right keys and is easy to see in the dark.


A wireless or wired keyboard — While some gamers do play Counter Strike: Global Offensive with a wireless keyboard, they do not tend to get the best performance. With a wireless keyboard you will often get slower performance, and will often have orders that you send to a character be missed due to the keyboard stuttering.


That is why, if you are serious about winning at Counter Strike: Global Offensive, buying a wireless keyboard may not be your best option. Instead, look for a solid wired keyboard and deal with the extra wire on your desk. If you are sure that a wireless keyboard is necessary, however, make sure you read reviews about any keyboard you are considering before you buy it. That way you know you will not have to deal with a high drop rate or with any connectivity problems.


Buying the best keyboard for CSGO is usually a case of doing your research, and comparing prices across a wide variety of sellers before placing an order.