Leupold Rimfire Rifle Scope; Lightweight Scope Designed For Small Caliber Rifles

//Leupold Rimfire Rifle Scope; Lightweight Scope Designed For Small Caliber Rifles

The Basics, For The Rookies Out There


There are subtle differences in weapons, and some not-so-subtle differences. For example the difference between a rimfire, and a centerfire. These terms are referencing the ammunition, as well as the weapon they are fired from. A centerfire weapon describes the primer, or the ‘thingy’ that the firing pin strikes when the trigger is engaged. If you look at the back of round of centerfire ammo, the center will have a divot, and this is where that firing pin strikes. On a Leupold rimfire weapon, the back of the bullet is flat. The firing pin hits the rim of the bullet which is slightly bigger than the casing. Looks like a little hat. If you are one of the people that refer to these objects as ‘thingies’ and ‘little hats’ its probably safe to suggest some weapons training before worrying about such cool accessories as scopes. What the heck, though. You will need to know at some point. *Sigh*


Scoping Out A Rimfire Rifle (see what I did there? *wink wink*)


Well, we discussed what a rimfire bullet is, but we didn’t get into the weapons themselves did we? The answer to that is quite simple, the weapon that fires the rimfire ammunition, duh. Well, more specifically rimfire weapons are smaller caliber guns, because the pin strikes the rim of the casing, it needs to be thin enough to ignite the primer when it hits that rim; The amount of powder in the bullets (that’s gun powder, not baby powder) can’t be so much that it completely destroys the whole darn casing and everything. The amount of powder that is needed to fire larger caliber bullets would do just that…obliterate them.


What Is A Leupold Rimfire Rifle Scope?


There are many types of scopes on the market. The problem with most scopes is they are generally the same weight as the gun itself, especially when you are toting a .22 rifle. The small game or target shooting you do with a .22 needs a lighter, more rimfire-friendly scope. The Leupold Rimfire Rifle Scope is designed specifically for those weapons, lightweight and shorter for a much easier view of longer range areas. When hunting small game they can be difficult to see at 100 yards. The Leupold Rimfire Rifle Scope is designed for moderate magnification to help you see at reasonable distances that you would be using a .22 for in the first place. Super magnification is just silly for a .22, since you wont be effective at great distances with a small caliber rifle anyway. With other scopes, mounting them to a .22 rifle makes aiming difficult and clumsy, since the balance is way off with that ridiculous scope on the small gun. The Leupold is different, specifically and masterfully designed for small arms. No, not your arms. Weapons, genius. The standard cross-hairs in the glass of the scope is an easy way to line up your target. Whether you are just shooting tin cans or enjoy a nice pot of Squirrel stew, you need to be able to see the cans or squirrel first. This is the beauty of this scope.