How Does Social Media Sites Affect the Social Life of People

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There are billions of social media accounts today. People spend hours on their social media accounts looking at updates, and even checking their favorite brands and companies. But one of the core functions of social media is to connect people all over the world. How do social media sites affect your social life?

The reality is that social media can affect your life in a good or in a bad way. It depends on how you control your habits, and how you impose discipline in order to make social media a positive tool in your social life.

The good

A lot of good things came from social media. It has allowed us to communicate to friends and other people that are no longer within traveling distance from our homes. He or she can be your old friend when you were nine, or a relative who transferred to a new location. Thanks to Facebook, it is possible to see what they are up to and even leave them a message when we feel like it.

Unlike emails, it is easy to search Facebook the people who you want to find. And if you are lucky or connected with them through other friends, you will be able to reconnect with other people.

Next, it is also easy to ask people to join an event that you are organizing. It is easy to spread the news especially in your circle that an event is going to take place. But of course, there can be set backs like people that are not going on the last minute. However, it is still a good tool that allows people to organize their social activities.

The bad

But of course, social media has done a lot of bad things to the way we socialize with other people. Social media can also start problems in workplaces and among friends. It can be a post that has been misinterpreted, or a post that someone finds offensive. It is important that you practice certain restraints when it comes to posting on social media especially if you have workmates, family members and friends in your network.

In addition to this, social media has also become a tool that destroys a lot of relationships. It has become a tool that speeds up cheating among spouses and couples. Flirty PMs can start fights once a partner discovers what is happening.

It is also possible that you will get in trouble with your boss. A lot of companies today are spying on their employees regarding things that they say on social media. Posts and activities that you post on social media can damage your overall relationship with workmates. Common instances such as taking a day off and being seen on social media partying is a common cause of problem in the office.


If you are going to use social media, it always advised that you first think of the possible consequences of your actions. Though it can help improve your overall life, keep in mind that it can also ruin your relationship with other people. It is always a good idea to limit your exposure to social media.

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